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Buy and sell Luna Token (LUNA) on YoBit Exchange! Best price! Buy and sell Luna Token (LUNA) on YoBit Exchange! Best price! Register and get bonus 4700 FUSDT! 00:04:59. Login. ... Yo Token ERC20: SPITZ-BTC. 0.00000026: 0%: 0.9: SPITZ: USDT: R68.00 - 2.6%: 0.8: USDT ERC20: USDTe-USDTb. T1.00131385 - 0.4%: 0.8: USDT ERC20: DOGE-USDT. T0.06078054.

Crosschain Fee is 0.00 %, Gas fee 0.9 USDC. Minimum Crosschain Amount is 12 USDC. Maximum Crosschain Amount is 20,000,000 USDC. Estimated Time of Crosschain Arrival is 10-30 min. Crosschain amount larger than 5,000,000 USDC could take up to 12 hours. Connect Wallet.

CNHT Tether CNH (ERC20) COMP Compound Token; COMP Binance-Peg Compound Coin (BSC) CONV Convergence; CORE; COS Contentos; COTI COTI Token; COVA Covalent; COVER Cover Protocol; ... WLUNA Wrapped LUNA Token; WMATIC Wrapped Matic (Polygon) WNXM Wrapped NXM; WOM WOM Token; WOO Wootrade Network; WOPIUM Wrapped Opium.

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Token Tracker ERC20 ERC20 Tokens By MarketCapitalization Showing 131 Token Contracts (From a total of 7,853 Token Contracts) First Page 1 of 3 Last # Token Price Change (%) Volume (24H) Market Cap Holders Show Records.

What Is ERC-20? ERC-20 is the technical standard for fungible tokens created using the Ethereum blockchain. A fungible token is one that is interchangeable with another token—where the well-known.

A total of 15 million cat token is to be ever distributed. 4 Million (and 500 extra for luck-of-the-cat, don't ask why) cat tokens were burned to lower the supply at community's request; 1.5 Million was to be given back to the community through various events (Through Telegram or by other means - Already ended);.

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